Spanish-made Talgo has become the fastest train in the country by clocking a speed of 180 km/hr by covering 84 km in 38 minutes in a trial conducted by Railways on Mathura-Palwal route, surpassing the record of Gatimaan Express.

The train successfully completed its trial run yesterday by clocking 180 km/hr due to its light and advanced technology, Divisional Railway Manager, Agra, Prabhash Kumar said. On the fifth day of the trial, the train covered 84 km in 38 minutes between Mathura and Palwal. 

The second phase of the trial run had resumed on July 9. On the first day of the trial between Mathura and Palwal, the train had clocked 120 km/hr following which it was decided that its speed would be increased by 10 km/hr everyday. 

Enthused by the successful trail runs, the speed of the train was increased to 170 km/hr on Tuesday. Now the next trial run will be carried out by keeping sand bags to mimic passengers’ weight to check the train’s condition on turns.

 The next trial will be carried out on the route of Mumbai-bound Rajdhani Express from Mathura. Talgo aims to connect the national capital, New Delhi, with the financial capital, Mumbai. The maximum speed of Gatimaan Express is 160 km/hr, Shatabdi Express 150 km/hr and Rajdhani Express is 130 km/hr.