While we were hoping to be a superpower by 2020, this recent incident from Karnataka proves that we are miles and miles away from even possessing a logical mindset.

According to ANI, three specially-abled children were buried up to their necks in Tajsultanpur village of Kalaburagi during the Solar Eclipse as their parents believed that this can cure their deformities.

As per another report by Edex Live, the children were rescued by local activists when they rushed to the spot and explained the parents that this isn’t a solution.

Talking to media, one of the activists said:

The parents come from poor households who struggle to afford even two meals a day. They told us that despite spending lakhs at the hospital to cure their children, nothing had changed. Hence, they took this step and did not mean to hurt their children but to see walk around as they do.

Twitter was furious on hearing this ridiculous piece of news.

Residents of Kalaburgi believe in these superstitions and this is not the first time that incidents like these have been reported from there.