There is a thing about pain, it’s relative. And right now, among the privileged, the ones going through the toughest time are those who have to spend their birthdays in lockdown.

As if not seeing people didn’t suck already. As if not stepping out for days wasn’t torturous enough – we have to spend our goddamn birthdays all alone.

Oh, alone and without anything that brings joy. 

No liquor, no cake, no pizzas. Absolutely nothing.

So how is it even a birthday then? 

One day. Just one day in the entire year, you feel important. 

Everywhere you go, people smile and they give you a hug even if they hate you. 

You get attention, gifts, money. Basically all good things within 24 hours.

But dare we dream about that for 2-3 months.

Now, one can give examples of people who are doing all sorts of things for their special day.

They are dressing up, making cake at home, doing ‘zoom parties’.

But, I think these things will just make me sadder. 

Dress up for WHAT? 

And you want me to BAKE? 

On MY birthday?

The one who didn’t know how to make daal before this lockdown, you are asking her to make a cake?

No thanks, I don’t want it to be the last thing I eat.

And coming to the ‘zoom parties’. 

I mean, great if they work for you, but I don’t find the idea of staring at a screen with 20 panels, trying to figure what everyone is saying very appealing.

Having said all of that, I know we are lucky to just be alive, but I suppose I get to complain about trivial things since I am not getting anything else for my birthday?