It’s that time of the year, again. When the winds get a bit chilly and start carrying the smell of festivities, incense and delicacies.

Dussehra is here and it’s that time of the year which inevitably brings back the memories of childhood. 


Of making Raavan effigies with cousins and friends. 

And burning them later in the night.

Tribune India

Of going to the mela with parents.

And buying gada and swords that made us feel powerful and invincible for a few moments.


Of seeing the Raavan dahan.

And getting mesmerised by the magnitude of everything.

Economic Times

Of seeing the story of Ramayana being told for the 100th time.

And still finding it just as engaging.

Connected To India

Of sitting on the giant wheel.

And screaming our lungs out as it came down.

The News Minute

Of coming back home to delicious food.

After having lots at the mela itself.

YouTube/Mahim Ka Mela

Visiting mela after work, coordinating with friends to meet, wishing parents over the phone – Dussehra has changed for most of us now. 

It no longer starts with aaloo-puri and kheer and you don’t get multiple holidays. 

Food Of Interest

However, the spirit of Dussehra remains the same and just because we are busier now, doesn’t mean we should stop having fun.

So go to that fair, today, and buy that cotton candy. Happy Dussehra