Remember the times when you tried accessing Spotify and this message appeared on your screens? Say bye, bye to those times! I’m one of those music nerds who count on Spotify’s Viral 50 more than BBH 100 charts. My take – if a song is getting crazy streams, it’s a smash! 

This app is not available in your country.

Spotify’s launch in India took the internet by storm as multiple Twitter trends and social media went into a tizzy. We’ve finally got Spotify in India, guys. And, if you still haven’t installed Spotify; let me tell you that you’re seriously missing out!

Oh, and did I mention that BTS greeted us with a Namaste? *I’m not crying, you are crying!*

Selena Gomez too! *major meltdown right now!*

Amit Trivedi, Armaan Malik and Anirudh Ravichander joined in the celebration too!

Even Hardwell took to Twitter to share his excitement!

This guy is my spirit animal…

Spotify going like ‘Palat. Palat. Palat na.’

And, while you’re hitting repeat on Jo Bros’ Sucker or breaking the shuffle on that Gully Boy soundtrack; these social media reactions are literally all of us right now… And, let’s just say that we welcomed Spotify with a bit of a bang!

This is happening for real…

Just like BTS, we welcomed Spotify in our traditional style! 🙏

The joys of listening to our favourite songs on Spotify is unparalleled!

We FINALLY got a reply to the eternal question – When is Spotify launching in India?!

So, which song are you streaming on Spotify?