According to reports, a squirrel in Colorado, United States, has tested positive for the bubonic plague on 11th July. 

As per the Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) department the case was reported in the town of Morrison. This is the first case of the bubonic plague that has been reported in the country, following the coronavirus outbreak, this year. 

The health department has warned the public asking them to remain cautious and take proper precautions as the plague can infect both humans and animals.

Modern antibiotics can help in preventing complications and death if treatment is provided on time but, this disease still remains a major threat for both, animal and human life. Some symptoms that humans can experience are swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills and coughing.

The bubonic plague has been around for centuries and it is known as one of the most deadliest pandemics in human history. During the Black Death pandemic of the Middle Ages, an estimated 50 million people in Europe lost their lives. 

The bubonic plague can turn into the pneumonic plague, if left untreated, which can further cause pneumonia after bacteria spreads to the lungs.

Earlier this month, on July 7, Chinese authorities confirmed a case of the bubonic plague in inner Mongolia.

The WHO categorized the plague as a re-emerging disease. There are around 1,000-2,000 cases reported every year. 

According to the CDC, the United States in particular reports up to a few dozen cases every year. Back in 2015, two people died in Colorado from the plague

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