Okay, so one thing’s pretty clear. Vivek Sharma, best known for directing Bhootnath, is definitely not a supporter of directors and writers returning their awards to protest intolerance . And he thinks directors and writers returning their awards are pseudo intellectuals who have failed to keep their honour the nation had once given to them.

In his video Dhikkar Hai , (which he claims is a protest song but is more of six people saying things with great anger) he lashes out at pretty much anyone who has said that there is more intolerance under the present government.

So you have six very angry looking people. One of them waves a flag, obviously with great internal anger. And then begins the ‘song’. So Dibakar Banerjee becomes a filmmaker on ‘sex and dhoka’ who won’t give up an opportunity to get publicity.

Shah Rukh Khan is next. ” Aur tu? Kehta superstar hai? Dhikkaar hai ,” say the angry looking actors.

And then come the Sahitya Akademi award winners who returned their awards.

“What is your literature?…What change have you brought to the homes of the poor?” ask the angry actors.

And finally comes the turn of journalists who are also told they are ‘ dhikkaar ‘. So maybe Gupta’s not as artistic as Pahalaj Nihalani to the Prime Minister, but then at least there are far fewer bloopers also.

Here’s the video, in case you want to see it: