Delhi University's St. Stephen's College announced it's cut-off lists on Monday for different courses being offered.

Source: India Today

For the Bachelor's in Art (BA) programme, students need to have a best-of-four percentage of 98, if they are applying from the science or commerce stream. Students from humanities need to have a 96.5% as their best-of-four for the same. 

For the BA (Honours) in Economics course, students from the commerce stream need to have a best-four percentage of 98.75. Humanities students need a best-four percentage of 98.5, while science students require a 97.75%

For BA (Honours) in English course, humanities students require a best-four of 98.25% and commerce and scienece students need 98.75%.

For BSc (Honours) in Mathematics, the best-four required for science is 97.75%, for commerce is 97.5%, and for humanities it is 96.75%. 

For BA (Honours) in History, humanities students need a best-four of 97.25%, while science and commerce students need a 98.5%. 

For BA (Honours) in Philosophy, commerce and humanities students require a best-four of 97%, while science students require a 96.5%

Source: NewsX

Other courses and their cut-offs include:
1. BA (Hons) in Sanskrit - 65%

2. BSc (Hons) in Chemistry - 96.33%
3. BSc (Hons) in Physics - 96.66%
4. BSc Chemistry - 95% (best-four)
5. BSc Computer Science - 96.66% (best-four)

The college received a total of 19,862 applications, out of 59.2% were female applicants. Humanities courses had 13,089 applications, while the science courses had 6,773 applications. 

Interviews for the next step of admission will begin on Friday. If you have been selected, the applicants can download their interview letters from the website after Wednesday.