The world’s tallest statue has hit the news yet again and this time it’s for all the wrong reasons. 


Reportedly, many tourists took to social media to share images of a flooded gallery of the ‘Statue Of Unity’.                          

The tourists who tried taking in refuge from the intense rains inside the Statue of Unity were disappointed as they had to make their way through the puddles of water inside the 300-Crore statue in Kevadia, Gujarat.         

A disheartened tourist was quoted as saying,

We had come with great hope to see the world’s tallest statue. But we are feeling bad looking at the statue in the rain. It has not rained heavily, and already the main hall and viewing gallery of the statue is filled with water. It is unfortunate.  
Logical Indian

However officials have denied claims of any leakage and said that it is ‘by design and not defect’.

The viewing gallery is open with grills on the chest of the statue. The rear side of the gallery is covered by glass. The front view is open as per design. So it is natural that water will enter when it rains. There is a channel to dispose of rain water. But when the wind speed is more, lots of water comes in and house-keeping personnel continuously drain it out. It is not leakage as is being claimed. 

Several people are criticizing the administration on Twitter for not designing the statue while keeping common issues like rains and water logging in mind.   


The Rs.3000 crore statue has been in the news, right from the time of its inauguration.