Here’s some good news! Being locked away in our homes has resulted in fewer crimes taking place in the country. Here’s how it panned out in different states.

The West Bengal police have said that the crime rate in Kolkata has declined by 50%! 

Even in Bangalore, fewer chain snatching cases have been reported. There were only 5 cases this month compared to 24 cases in March last year. 

The number of road accident cases have also decreased immensely. Well, since there are no vehicles on the road, road accidents were bound to decrease, duh! Bangalore had recorded the death of 82 people in road mishaps in March 2019 but now this number is 52.

While 332 cases were reported in Odhisa in a day, now the cases have dropped to 150. And in the capital Bhubaneswar, which saw at least 22 criminal cases registered on a given day, has reported only 10 complaints in the last two weeks. 

Even in Pune, the registration of cases from an average 25-30 FIRs have gone down to 15-20 over the past few days.  

The number of serious offences in Bhopal has almost gone down to zero while earlier, there would be around 8-10 cases every day.

The police say that people staying at home is a huge deterrent for these thefts and offences. In addition to that, the high police presence and closed shops is making it a lot harder for people to steal goods and engage in any kind of crime.