Steve Irwin was not just an immensely popular television figure, he was much more than that. He was an animal lover, conservationist and zookeeper who understood animals like no one ever could.  

India Today

Reinventing the genre of wildlife shows and programs, Steve became the reason why many people started watching shows on channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic.

His show ‘The Crocodile Hunter‘ was one of the most viewed TV shows a decade ago. 

Courier Mail

The fact that he passed away tragically and so early, left a void amid his fans and supporters who till date adore Irwin’s yesteryear shows and how calmly he approached the most terrifying animals.  


15 years later, Steve’s son Robert posted a picture of him feeding the same crocodile, which his dad had fed at the same spot in that very zoo. 


Robert Clarence Irwin, who looks up to his father for inspiration took to Twitter and the juxtaposition got Twitterati emotional. 

Of course, Twitter melted within minutes after looking at the heartwarming image and had an emotional outburst while remembering Steve. 

Thank you for the memories Robert your dad’s gonna stay a legend, always.