With the coronavirus outbreak, many people have been asked to put themselves on quarantine. There are also those who have travelled recently and have chosen to place themselves in self-quarantine. Though this situation isn’t like an earthquake or tornado, which means we do have access to water, electricity and other comforts, there is a chance that you won’t be able to step outside your house. 

So if you are facing quarantine, here are food ingredients you should stock up on before locking the door:

1. Dry Fruits

They make for healthy snacks and can last for a really long time while keeping your tummy full. So make sure to stock up on your favourite dried fruits, from prune to raisins, walnuts and even dates, in case of an emergency. 

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2. Breakfast Items 

There is a chance that dairy items will begin to taste bad once you’re in quarantine because they can’t last too long. However, our Indian cuisine thankfully offers healthy non-dairy alternatives to a bowl of cereal. You can stock up on ingredients for poha, upma and even idli batter. If you aren’t one for Indian breakfasts, then you can buy some pancake mix and oats. Breads on the other hand have a shelf life of 7 days, so you can buy enough to finish in the first half of your quarantine. 

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3. Canned Goods

There are many canned goods that have a good shelf-life. This includes baked beans, dried fish, tuna, chickpeas, dried tomatoes and pickled food. These ingredients can be easily used in meals. Add to the mix packaged food like kimchi, achar and papad, which also have a long life. 


4. Basic Vegetables 

Stock up on veggies that can last a while in your fridge. From potatoes to onions, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, garlic and celery, these vegetables can stay fresh for a really long time (a month easily). 

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5. Frozen Food

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? There is a wide variety of frozen food that you can make healthy meals out of. From pastas (which you can add veggies to) to soya chaap and sweet corn, potato wedges and peas. You can also stock up on frozen fruit like blueberries and strawberries to make smoothies later on. 


6. Restock Spices 

Have a look through your kitchen cupboard and restock on anything that is close to finishing or about to expire. This includes spices, sauces and pastes that are an essential part of your cooking routine. Also keep a jar of nut butter, jam or peanut butter handy. 

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7. Lean Meat & Eggs

If you are planning to stay indoors you will need a good dose of protein. Raw meat like chicken, lamb and pork can last you for more than a month if purchased fresh and stored in the freezer. Raw eggs can also be refrigerated for a month, but no more than a week once they’re cooked. 


8. Fruits 

There are a couple of fruits that last a while in your fridge. That includes apples, citrus fruits like lemon and lime, oranges and pomegranates. Bananas are a great fruit to store because you can always use them to make banana bread if they are overripe. You can use these to make your favourite juices and stay refreshed. 

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9. Snacks 

Most packaged goods have a good shelf-life because they are pumped with preservatives. However, you can check out healthy alternatives like protein or snack bars, makhanas, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and party mixes to keep you company. 


Apart from these food items, also remember to stock up on some milk powder and creamer for your chai breaks.