The coronavirus pandemic and the fear, anxiety and helplessness it has induced is just getting worse every day. It is one of the greatest threats the world has faced in a long time.

But amidst all this, there are people who are not letting the hope die. It’s their constant efforts that signal hope and solidarity more than ever. Here are some of them.

1. A businessman in Lucknow’s Hamirpur is refilling oxygen cylinders just for ₹1 so that COVID patients can get the treatment they need.

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2. An auto driver in Ranchi is offering free rides to people who need to go to hospitals, amid the pandemic.

He has put his contact details on social media so that more and more people can reach him.


3. A man from Bokaro in Jharkhand drove 1,400 km to Noida with a gas-filled cylinder to save his friend’s life.

India TV

4. ISKCON Delhi is serving free nutritious meals to elderly people, pregnant ladies and people affected by COVID at their doorstep.

DD News

5. Indirapuram Gurdwara in Ghaziabad has started a free ‘oxygen langar’, which can be used by Covid patients.

Indian Express

6. Gurdwaras in and around Delhi are providing meals for COVID patients who are in home quarantine.

7. A UP man is skipping Roza and providing free transport services to ferry the dead and is also lending a helping hand to conduct the last rites of orphans.


8. A Mumbai man sold his SUV worth ₹22 lakh to raise money to buy oxygen cylinders for those in need. 

He and his team have set up a control room in order to coordinate and communicate effectively with those who need oxygen supply.


9. A 22-year-old woman travelled for over 2 hours in public transport to donate blood to a 9-month pregnant woman.

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10. A farmer from MP’s Neemuch district donated ₹2 lakh he had set aside for his daughter’s lavish marriage to the local administration for buying medical oxygen.

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11. A Delhi policeman performed the last rites of a man who died of COVID after his family deserted him.

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12. A Gujarat couple broke their FD worth ₹15 lakh to help COVID patients.

They have apparently give their car to be used as an ambulance for patients. They lost their only son due to COVID last year and had saved that money for him.

It’s heartwarming to see this shared sense of responsibility and togetherness in these tough times.