You might have heard about the auto-rickshaw driver from Bhopal by the name of Mohammad Javed who is using his auto as an ambulance for covid affected patients. 

But how did this guy come up with an idea like this? Humans of Bombay reached out to him and shared his heartwarming story with all of us. 


After his father’s death, this 34-year-old had been the sole earner of his family of 5. But his life changed last year in April when the country went into lockdown and he was left with no savings and no job. However, after seeing the plight of the migrants he wanted to help them more than himself. 

In April 2020, life changed. I was jobless with no savings. I thought I was suffering until I saw the plight of the migrants–once, I met a mother with a newborn baby who’d walked 150 kms barefoot, & still had to walk 30 kms to reach her village! I wanted to help others like her. So, I registered myself with an NGO that was providing ration to migrants–I offered to distribute it for free using my rickshaw. For 2.5 months, I used up all my savings on fuel; the NGO helped my family with ration.  

But Javed’s hunger to help people in need only increased after he saw on TV how people were denied ambulance service. This is when he thought that in order to help people he can convert his auto into an ambulance. 

I was shocked. Koi maa-baap ko khande pe le jaa raha tha; koi raaste pe gira pada tha. I thought, ‘What if I convert my auto into an ambulance?’ So the next day, I spread the word online that my free auto ambulance was ready for service 24*7. I didn’t want to compromise my family’s safety, so I sent them away to my relatives’. 

In the last 2 weeks, Javed has not only transported several people in his auto but also made sure to install an oxygen cylinder for the ones who need it urgently by selling his own gold locket.     

Over the next 2 weeks, I transported over 150 people. Soon, I realised that most patients couldn’t breathe properly. So I sold my gold locket & got an oxygen cylinder installed in my auto; paise toh aate jate rahenge. Just yesterday, I went to pick up a lady–she was COVID positive & was crying. Her family was trying to console her; I reassured her, ‘Aapka beta aap ko lene aya hai aise samajh ke aa jaiye. Aapko kuch nahi hoga,’ I said. That brought a smile to her face & I was the happiest!   

Javed is one of the few examples of people who are choosing humanity at a time like this and is truly an inspiration for all of us.    

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