It was just another day at work for these 45 women working in Asma Rubber Products Private Limited in Kochi, until they were asked to do the unthinkable — to strip.

Lady supervisors at the firm allegedly strip searched these 45 women on December 10 to find one woman who was on her period. Why? Because she had left her used sanitary napkin in the washroom.

Source: egmnow

Humiliating as that sounds, the two supervisors grilled the employees before resorting to the shocking treatment. Not just that, they never found out the owner of the sanitary pad.

An official at the private firm has denied the whole issue terming it a ploy on the employee’s behalf to get those two supervisors dismissed. Yes, because that’s reason enough for 45 of them to undress?


The cops are on it and everyone wants an answer. Set-up or not, it seems to be a clear case of sexual harassment.

We just have one question for the perpetrators, who are you to launch your own brand of witch hunt against menstruating women?


This is utterly shameful.

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