You know how you sometimes realise you’ve indulged a little too much? Like that moment where you go, “Oh shit, son! I need a juice, a shower and a lay down.” Well take that, and multiply it by like, a billion, and you’ll probably know what it feels like to smoke SunRocks.

SunRocks are basically high-grade strains of weed dipped in wax and coated with a dusting of kief. If that doesn’t make too much sense, know this – It contains almost 80% THC, the active component of weed. Most of the dank we smoke contains about 5-10% THC.


There isn’t too much info around about this knockout ganja bomb, but what we do know is that it’s super sticky, so sticky it needs to be cut with a pair of scissors. Amazingly enough, it’s also one of the few strains that even cannabis king Snoop Dogg is a little hesitant about, which means it packs a kick like a fuckin’ mule! He said, “If I do it, I take it and I sprinkle into some regular weed. You can’t just do it by itself.”

Sounds dangerous, but then most good things are.