Amidst the national lockdown, there have been many stories that give us all hope. And conversely there have been stories that have shown the dark side of our country.


In another case of racism during the lockdown, two students from the Northeast were denied entry into a Mysuru supermarket by the supermarket’s staff. In a video that’s going viral on Twitter, the students can be seen stopped at the entrance and not allowed entry.

In the video, one of the students can be heard saying, “We are Indians, we need groceries like you. We are human beings like you guys. You don’t accept it? We live here, we have Aadhaar Card. How can you discriminate us?”

According to News18, a case has been filed against the supermarket’s staff. Speaking to them City Police Commissioner Chandragupta said:

The FIR has been lodged immediately at Krishnaraja police station. We urge people and shop owners/staff to desist from doing such acts and behave responsibly in this time of crisis.

According to the students, while nobody intervened during the incident, a man later came up to them and offered to buy groceries for them, but did not speak to the staff to make them change their stance.