bizarre incident took place at Bhagath PU College in Haveri, Karnataka, where students were made to wear cardboard boxes on their heads during the exam to stop them from cheating. 

Although we have heard about many educational institutes setting up CCTVs in the exam hall and having multiple invigilators to get rid of the malpractice in exams, this idea is totally ‘out-of-the-box’.

On 16th October, when students were writing their mid-term exam, they were asked to cover their heads with cardboard cartons with having only one opening for their faces. This was executed by the college authorities as many students were allegedly cheating during the last year’s exams – even after repeated warnings.

Speaking about the incident, Deputy Director of Public Instruction Department, S. S. Piraje said: 

We have clearly told the management to give a written explanation and if this kind of incident is repeated in the future, the department will cancel the license of the school.

However, the director of the college, M. B. Sateesh, said: 

We implemented this idea to curb malpractice and not to harass students. This is just an experiment. We discussed it with students and took their consent before implementing it. 

What do you guys think about this? Is it a good way to curb the cheating culture in exams? Or is it totally inhuman? Let us know in the comments!