Earlier yesterday the first ODI between India and Australia was played in Mumbai’s Wankhade stadium. The stadium witnessed a group of students who were wearing T-shirts that silently opposed the ongoing CAA-NRC situation in our country. 

The students wearing “No CAA, No NRC and No NPR” t-shirts did a formation and were cheering for team India’s victory.

India Today

They caught attention during the ongoing international match, a bunch of supporters in the audience started chanting “Modi-Modi”.

Amidst the Modi chants and cameras covering the event, Mumbai Police escorted these students out for pulling off this bold move.  


Harsh Patil who witnessed all this commented: 

You cannot stage a protest wherever you want. The protests are everywhere, they disturb the common people’s life. We are here enjoying the match and some group comes and does politics by protesting. This has to stop. 

According to India Today, the protestors claimed that they were well within their rights to wear the clothes of their choice during a match and cheer for India. They further added: 

We reached Wankhade stadium India vs Australia match for peacefully showing our message – No NPR, NO NRC and NO CAA. We did not do anything apart from silently showing our message, which was written on our t-shirts. BCCI rules also allow anyone to display any message apart from commercial messages. 

Twitter is flooded with images and videos  of this incident: