Commuting between work and home every day is a literal drag. And if you are a person who travels a lot, it sure as hell drains your entire energy even before you reach the office.  

But turns out, all that extra commute is not just hampering your well-being but also is lowering your job satisfaction with every extra minute you spend on commuting. 


The Institute for the Study of Labor mentioned that a person has to earn extra income for a one hour commute to be satisfied with their jobs than those who can just walk to their office.


It was mentioned that commuters who walk or bike to work don’t report the same dissatisfaction as compared to the those who are travelling by train or car.  

The study says that full compensation for commuting 23 minutes (one way), as compared to people who don’t commute at all is estimated to require an additional monthly income of approximately 19 per cent of the average monthly wage that an employee is getting.  

It also seems like an additional working on 20 minutes also makes you feel like a 19% pay cut from your salary. Which means that if you stand in a train for long or are stuck sitting in bad traffic then you’d feel as bad as earning less money, even if you aren’t.  

The Hindu

There is a way to make the commute much more bearable by chatting with fellow riders or taking a different means of a commute if you can’t shift nearby to your workplace. 

So, if you feel like you’re less chirpy at work than your subordinates who literally reside five minutes away from work, then it is true. You putting up farther is draining you.