She is glamourous. Melania Trump is a former model and is now going to be the First Lady of the United States. 

But hours after her husband Donald Trump won the Presidential elections, she is being slut-shamed on social media. Strangely enough, by the “liberals” who have criticised her husband for his sexism and misogyny.

Trump’s win was the biggest nightmare of liberals and it has come true. They are shocked, disappointed and even disgusted. But how some of them are taking on Trump on social media simply has no justification.

This verified Twitter user defines himself as “anti-racism strategist”!

Well-known author William Dalrymple also wasn’t left far behind:

 But after a lot of outrage, Dalrymple wisely deleted his tweet.

There’s more…

And more…

Even RGV did it but then did we really expect anything better? 

Thankfully, a lot of Americans are calling out the ‘liberals’ for this. 

Melania has been quite unpopular throughout the campaign. She was taken down by critics for her disastrous speech at the Republican National Convention in July in which she was accused of plagiarism. 

But while that’s something Melania will have to take in her stride, she should be spared the slut-shaming, which, sadly, Melania has been subjected to even in the past.

The revelation of the nude photoshoot, done well before Trump ran for president, is a form of shaming. Melania was a professional model at the time and as ScoopWhoop News columnist Sandip Roy pointed out: “Melania Trump’s risqué photoshoot from when she was 25 has no bearing on this campaign whatsoever. And it should not even matter that she did it before she met Trump.”

The presidential election is a shock for all those who thought having a higher moral ground would be enough to defeat a man they see as a sexist, misogynist and racist. But by sinking to the same level as the man they hate when it comes to sexism, they lose whatever higher moral ground they claim to have.