Sunil Chhetri – our captain, our man – has become the second highest active international goalscorer in the world.

In contention with Lionel Messi for the longest time, Chhetri pipped him for the second spot by scoring 2 goals during India’s Intercontinental Cup match against Tajikistan.

One of them was this.

And the other was this.

Playing at 34 years of age, Chhetri – with 70 goals – is now only behind Cristiano Ronaldo among active footballers. The Portuguese has 88 international goals to his name. 

While that might be a target too huge to be considered achievable, he has done what he had to do. 

He has successfully revolutionised Indian football.

As people who have always been fans and followers of foreign players and clubs, we have one of our own to look up to. 

We can quote him as an example and we can take his name in conversations. 

But I feel the happiest for young kids who have started following the sport now. They have someone to feel invested in follow Indian football for.

To many such heights and many such achievements. Thank you, captain.