I happened to watch Bhupender Chaubey’s The Hot Seat on CNN-IBN when Sunny Leone was the guest on the show, and truth be told, I was quite shocked. I’d like to believe that Chaubey here is usually not as much of a judgmental prick when he is interviewing Bollywood A-listers but since it was the ‘pornstar’ Sunny Leone in question, he left no stone unturned to poke at her past and intervene again, and again, and again.  

Yes, we all know that Sunny Leone was a porn star.

But she is so much more than what she did for a living, years ago. Whatever happened to one’s right to freedom of speech and expression? I’m not saying that this is how one should exercise their hard fought for right but if it’s another person’s way of exercising it, you respect it. You can have your judgments and your opinions, but let them be yours. 

As for Sunny Leone, she stopped being a porn star or porn ‘queen’ as the interviewer calls her, long time back (Mia Khalifa is the new queen of porn). Her past is her business but this man goes on to ask her if it will haunt her or hinge her growth as an actor in Bollywood. 

Mr. Chaubey, everybody has a past; good and bad. Unfortunately, for Sunny, everybody knows her past. And for her to make a bold decision to join Bollywood even after knowing that she would be judged and treated as an outsider is pretty commendable. Why don’t you applaud her for that?


The best part of the interview is when the obnoxious interviewer tells her how Atul Anjan blames her for corrupting Indian morality and youth of the country. 

She keeps her grace and replies with a very witty statement, “You’re thinking about me all day, enough to put me in your speeches. I’m waiting for the day when Obama makes a speech about me.” 


One can clearly see that this interviewer is not here to know Sunny Leone beyond her past, he’s barely even making an effort. Apart from constantly cutting her mid-speech, giving her crap about her past and making biased judgments, this interviewer is clearly not bringing anything to the stage. 

Watch the interview here:

It’s 2016, people! Grow up!