Now the minister has come to the rescue of three Indian workers who were being held captive by their employers in Saudi Arabia. The case attracted attention after a video of the employer thrashing them surfaced.

In response to the video, the minister tweeted:

But this is not the first time super Sushma has come to the rescue, here’s how the External Affairs Minister and her team have been saving the day.

1. Mass evacuations from conflict zones.

Her biggest success till date has been the supervision of the large-scale evacuation of people during a crisis in Yemen. In the operation 4,741 Indian nationals and 1,947 people from 48 countries were rescued under operation ‘Raahat’. Similar operations were carried out in Libya and Iraq.

2. During the same crisis, Swaraj quickly responded to a tweet by a Yemeni woman Sabah Shawesh, who was stranded in the country with her eight-month-old Indian child. 

3. The minister also took swift action and saved a man’s sister, who was held by a human trafficking gang in UAE.

4. Swaraj also saved this girl who was stuck in Germany without her passport and money. 

5. Swaraj proved that she had a heart, when she helped a five-year-old Pakistani girl in need of a liver transplant.

6. She also took up the case of an Indian domestic help in Saudi, whose arm was chopped off by her employer.

7. There were times when the helpful minister ensured things moved quickly to ensure Indians working abroad got their passports back from employers.

8. When the news of a hearing and speech impaired Indian girl called Geeta being stranded in Pakistan surfaced, Swaraj made efforts to ensure her return to India. 

9. And also promised to help a Pakistani boy stranded in India to return home.  

10. As humanity came together to help out each other during the devastating floods in Chennai, Swaraj decided to do her bit for those in distress.

While a lot of the credit for these tasks has gone to Swaraj, the minister has often passed on the credit to her team for the achievements.