As the ugly saga of Prashant Bhushan versus the Supreme Court continues, with the SC accusing Bhushan of contempt, things finally seem to be coming to a close. On Monday, the SC decided on a penalty for Bhushan regarding his so-called contempt, as well as his refusal to apologise.

The Punishment? Bhushan has to pay a fine of Re 1 (that’s right, one whole rupee), failing which he will be jailed for 3 months and also be debarred from practice for a period of 3 years. 

Bhushan posted a cheeky response to the unusual ruling in return.

The amount is more of a token fine, a kind of symbolic punishment, but this is the modern world, and the news led to a barrage of hilarious responses.

KRK might have popularised ‘2 rupees people’, but one-rupee-resistance appears to be the new in-thing.