The AQI levels in Delhi have gone from ‘poor’ to ‘hazardous’ in a matter of months, alone; and oscillate between the two categories, only. There seems to be little to no respite for city dwellers.

Supreme Court too seconded this thought, in a recent hearing on 18 January 2019, expressing that it was better not to be in Delhi.


According to a report by Hindustan Times, the apex court expressed concern over increased air pollution and traffic congestion in the national capital.

While looking into a matter related to air pollution, Justice Arun Mishra said:

“In the morning and evening, there is so much pollution and traffic congestion. It is better not to be in Delhi. I do not wish to settle in Delhi. It is difficult to live in Delhi.”

The bench of justices Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta opined that these problems are affecting the right to life. Justice Gupta agreed to advocate Aparajita Singh saying, “Yes, it is like gas chamber.”


The bench also questioned the authorities for lack of implementation of pollution control measures.

“What are the things which are required to be done in actuality? What remains to be done as per the comprehensive action plan? What is required to keep in check environment pollution in Delhi? What more can be done? Implementation is definitely lacking.”

The court asked the Delhi police how they were allowing polluting vehicles to enter the city in night and what actions they have taken to dispose off the junk vehicles.

Financial Express

The court will further look into the matter on February 1.