Valentines’ Day is all about confessing love and being with your partner but a voluntary organisation in Surat has given it a spin.

Swachh Bharat

In a latest, a voluntary organisation in Surat has come up with a brand new idea of making 10,000 students from 12 schools pledge that they will never marry without their parents’ consent. 

Bright School 123

If this means they have to break up with their partners because their parents don’t approve of the relationship, they will do that too. 

The organisation, called Hasyamev Jayate is organising the event and its founder, therapist Kamlesh Masalawala says that the idea behind it is to make sure that the kids don’t take impulsive decisions and give the required importance to parents’ guidance. 

Sandy Noel

While, I am not sure what to make of this, Twitter certainly was. 

As a part of the event, the students will read a poem by one of the co-organisers Mukul Choksi.

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