Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has been in the news for responding to tweets not just with words but with immediate action. This time, he ensured the repair of potholes on the roads of Fatehgarh district jail railway route, after receiving a tweet from Vishal Agarwal a citizen from Kanpur.

Vishal Agarwal often got stuck in traffic due to the bad road conditions and despite making several complaints to the authorities regarding the situation, he got no response.

b’File photo of Suresh Prabhu. Source: PTI’

“I had repeatedly lodged complaints with authorities concerned about the poor condition of the road but in vain. Then, one day, I thought of tweeting Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu about the hardships we have been facing since long,” he told to The Times Of India.

He told the daily that the railway officials had responded to his tweet and fixed the roads in just three days. He was also thanked by the office for using social media in the right manner to raise awareness.

Twitter seems to be the ‘go to’ place if you want to get in touch with Union Ministers. Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu often come to the aid of stranded Indians as do other ministers. It might be the perfect hot line that the ordinary Indian needs. Whoever said the ministers are out of reach obviously hasn’t heard of Twitter.