In a statement to Barkha Dutt, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's therapist, Susan Walker has opened up.

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Seeing the 'media's irresponsible coverage on mental health' convinced Susan Walker to speak to Mojo News about Sushant and his severe condition.

In light of the misinformation and conspiracy theories currently raging on social media about Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty, I have decided it is my duty to make a statement. In my capacity as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I met Sushant and Rhea on several occasions in November and December 2019 and communicated again with Rhea in June of this year.

She talked about how the stigma of mental illness is harmful for a patient, keeping them from seeking professional help.

Sushant was suffering from bipolar disorder, a severe mental illness that can be crippling for an individual during an episode. The symptoms of which can include severe anxiety, major depression and sometimes disordered thinking and paranoia.

She continued:

The continuing, appalling stigma around mental illness makes it very difficult for patients and their families to reach out. This has to stop. Mental illness is no different than cancer or diabetes. It can affect anyone, regardless of class, financial status and so on, in a way that cancer can.

Walker also talked about how Rhea Chakraborty was his biggest pillar of support.

Rhea was his strongest support. From the first time I met them as a couple, I was impressed by the degree of concern, love and support she showed. It was very evident how close they were. Rhea took care of his appointments and gave him enough courage to attend, despite his being so fearful that someone would find out.
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