When it comes to rescuing Indians stuck abroad or foreigners who need to visit India for medical reasons, the Twitter-savvy Sushma Swaraj’s efforts have always been widely accredited. And here is a wonderful Diwali gift from our foreign minister for foreigners seeking medical visas.

Sushma Swaraj on Thursday announced that all those who have pending medical visa applications will be granted the required documentation so they can come to India for treatment. 

Here is what she tweeted: 

Despite hostile relations between India and Pakistan in the recent times, Swaraj has not let it affect humanitarian initiatives .The move comes a day after she granted visas to Pakistanis to facilitate their medical treatment.

One included an eight-year-old boy who has been waiting for a medical visa for the past one year:

And another included a patient who needed liver treatment:

She also directed the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to issue a medical visa to a child after his father had told her that his son needed post-liver transplant evaluation in India.