In yet another instance of Union Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj coming to the rescue effort, an Indian man stranded in Serbia was saved from torture, thanks to her timely intervention.

On March 22, a Twitter user named Rajeev Sharma had tweeted a video to Swaraj which showed his brother being held hostage and tortured by a man in Serbia. 

In the video, the victim was being forced to seek ransom from his family. The attacker is also heard threatening that if the family fails to provide money, the victim would be killed.

Here is the video: (The video is very graphic. User discretion strongly advised)

He then requested her to help his brother:

Swaraj then directed Indian Embassy in Serbia to look into the matter:

And within a day, the victim was traced and rescued:

It was later revealed that the attacker was an agent who had sent the victim to Serbia.

Sharma then thanked the minister for saving the life of his brother:

(Feature image source: PTI)