External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who was admitted to AIIMS last month for kidney failure, is most likely to undergo a kidney transplant next week.

In a tweet, the minister had disclosed that she was suffering from kidney failure and had been undergoing treatment for the same at AIIMS.  

According to a Times of India report, sources at the hospital said that her pretransplant process was complete adding that the Minister’s vitals were stable and she was fit to undergo the procedure.

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“Several people have come forward to donate their kidney. However, chances are that we’ll use the one that has been offered by a relative,” a senior doctor told TOI

Swaraj had been undergoing dialysis for the past 6 months. A team of experts will carry out the operation at AIIMS. 

However, failing kidney hasn’t stopped her from executing her duties as her Twitter handle has been active throughout.