External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is known for coming to the aid of Indian citizens across the globe in distress. Apart from overseeing rescue missions to rescue Indians from war zones, the Minister has jumped to a couple’s rescue and promised to unite them on their honeymoon, which they were going to spend apart because the woman had lost her passport.

 On August 4,  Faizan Patel, a Mangalore-based photographer, tweeted saying that his wife lost her passport days before their honeymoon. 

Then Faizan tweeted saying he was all set to travel alone on his honeymoon. 

The photographer then tweeted about how he would miss his wife

Faizan tweeted a picture of himself without his wife on  airplane, and tagged Sushma Swaraj hoping for some ministerial intervention.

And in keeping with her exemplary track record in such matters, the minister responded. 

And soon enough it seemed to be sorted. 

A speechless Sana thanked her.

And yet again Swaraj saved the day. And the couple’s honeymoon. 

(Feature image source: PTI)