Subramanian Swamy has many theories. On issues of national importance, on religion, on the Gandhi family, on unelectable dogs, and even on the Modi government. 

So today he had a new conspiracy theory, one that’s as wild as it gets: 

For the uninitiated ‘Buddhu’ is how Swamy fondly refers to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. The BJP MP seems to believe that the Congress Vice President will break his vow of bachelorhood just to win the state elections that are due next year. 

And he even claimed he knew exactly what Rahul Gandhi was looking for in a bride: 

There have been theories about just what role the Congress Vice President and his sister Priyanka Gandhi will play in the upcoming state polls. While many reports have said that the Congress intends to pursue voters from the Brahmin caste, there’s been no clarity on how they intend to do it. Marriage hasn’t even been a theory so far. 

As expected, there was a Reddit thread about the issue, with many discussing whether the Congress Vice President was indeed getting hitched and there were gems like: 

The Congress Vice President’s twitter account was silent on the issue given Rahul is presently out of the country. Let’s see if he proves Swamy right after he returns.