The West Bengal state government has allowed the sweet shops in the state to remain open for four hours every day amidst the ationwide lockdown, Scroll reported. 

sweets west bengal
Source: Jagran

The state government issued a notice on Monday clarifying that sweet shops would be allowed to stay open from 12 pm to 4 pm and will serve only 'take away' orders. According to reports, the shops will also be operating with minimum staff strength.

mamata banerjee
Source: Swarajya

This notice comes after the sweet makers wrote to CM Mamata Banerjee urging her to let them run their shops. They had contended that thousands of litres of milk was going to waste due to the lockdown.

sweets west bengal
Source: Business Insider

Meawhile, in the rest of the country, only products categorised as essentials by the central government are available for sale, like vegetables, meat, dairy, medicines etc.