At a time when the entire world has a common enemy, it has become important that all nations come together and support each other.

Motivated by the same idea, Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter has taken up the initiative of lighting up the northern and eastern parts of Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Recently, it displayed colours of the Indian flag to express solidarity in these testing times. 

The picture of the same was shared by IFS officer Gurleen Kaur, who wrote ‘Friendship from Himalayas to Alps’.

The 14,690-feet-high mountain has been lit up with the colours of other countries’ flags in the past. It also displayed the words ‘hope’, ‘solidarity’ and ‘stay home’.

A report from News 18 quoted Hofstetter as saying:

Light is hope. So if you do a message with light in such a situation as we are in now, you give that hope — especially with this iconic, standalone, pyramid-shaped, incredibly strong mountain. The Matterhorn was here before mankind was.

Stronger together.