There has been a lot of rise in misinformation and fake news regarding the new coronavirus. Since the issue and data are all real time, there is a higher probability of there being uncertainty and ignorance. 

Some statements may be true initially but it should also not be taken at face value as there may be further developments that could prove that statement.

There is also a lot of panic that’s making its way into our minds, considering the grave impact of this virus. Even if someone is experiencing slight discomfort in their body or its functioning, the immediate thought is of potential infection from covid-19.

Therefore, here are a few symptoms or feelings that if you experience, DO NOT directly translate into you having the coronavirus.  

1. A mild headache

If you’re someone who is experiencing a mild headache, chances are that you’ve probably stared at your computer too long or are surviving on very little sleep or have overexerted yourself. Although headache could be one of the other symptoms that is combined with a fever, cough or sneezing, a mild headache alone does not mean that you have covid-19.

2. Acidity 

There has been a common misunderstanding that any kind of discomfort being experienced in the stomach region is considered an early sign of covid-19. While there are reports that suggest that diarrhea could be one of the initial symptoms, it is important to not equate that with any other pain in that region which could have an alternative cause.

3. Cramps

If you feel slight cramps every now and then or if you’re a woman who is going through the deadly monthly period cramps, it is not a huge cause for worry. It is perhaps just your muscles going through a rough time and has no relation with covid-19!

4. Slight breathlessness 

While it is true that not being able to breathe properly is one of the mentioned symptoms by the WHO, it is important to keep it in mind that this alone does not mean you are infected. It is more likely for multiple symptoms to show instead of just a standalone one. Hence, it is essential to observe if breathlessness is being felt along with a cough, throat pain or fever.

5. Difficulty in hearing 

Nope, if you are having trouble hearing, it does not mean you have covid-19. This sign could might as well be used as a reminder to potentially clean that wax that’s been sitting inside your ears for the longest time! Or it could also be a side effect of listening to music at a really high volume but it definitely doesn’t have much to do with the virus.