While many across the world have apprehensions over migrants entering into their country and look them with suspicion, here is a Syrian migrant in a German town who has become the ‘hero of the day’.

The 25-year-old unknown Syrian who came to Germany as a refugee last year, found €150,000 (£124,000) in a cupboard he had been given by a charitable organisation. There was €50,000 in cash, and savings books hidden under a board contained more than €100,000.  He searched about it on the internet to ensure that if it was ‘real money’. He then informed it to the local authorities who later gave it to the police. 

b’Syrian refugees arriving in Germany | Source: Reuters’

“This young man has behaved in an exemplary manner and deserves great credit. People often report small amounts of money found to the police, but such a large sum is absolutely exceptional,” Minden Police said in a statement, reports The Guardian.

The identity of the man is not yet known but police say he came to Minden four weeks ago and is taking language classes. The rightful owner of the money is yet to be found.

As the news broke, people started applauding him on Twitter:

(Feature image is representation | Source: Twitter| Catherine Gladwell)