Wondering why a man with ‘long locks’, ‘unconventional costumes’ and a ‘look that kills’ is dominating your timeline. Well, ‘sensational singer’ Taher Shah is back with his new release and with a bang! 

Clad in a purple velvet dress, angel Taher has exploded the internet yet again! 

The release of his latest single ‘Angel’ on Friday caused such a media frenzy that he was not only trending on Twitter in Pakistan, but in India and UK too.  

Here’s what happened after Twitterati heard his song… 

Somebody called 911

Some people just failed to understand the ‘depth’ of his song.

The song’s lyrics, “I am like an angel, mankind’s angel, lonely for you” immediately caught the attention of social media users and they had no intention of sparing him over it!

Very few people gave him ‘credits’ where it’s due.

And if after all this you still want to hear him sing…..there you go…..