Take This Quiz & Tell Us If It Happened In 2020 Or Was It A Movie Plot

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This has been a rather crappy year. So much so, that it has actually been difficult to keep a track of what's real and what's from a dystopian film. 

1. More than 1.56 billion face masks enter the oceans, endangering the marine life.

via CNN

2. Dead animals return from their graves to haunt people. 

3. Scientists warn that the world is ending but half the people don't believe them. 

4. 61 volcanoes erupted this year, many of which continue to spew lava into the ground as we speak. 

via CNBC

5. Between 200 to 2000 species of life go extinct every year. 

6. Scientists discover that a zombie apocalypse is possible. It only requires the evolution of one parasite to begin. 

7. Over 7,000 people die of starvation every day in India.

8. Our GDP contracted by 23.9% after months of unplanned lockdown.

9. A wildfire in Australia killed or maimed 3 billion animals. 

10. Some governments pass a law practically refusing a women agency over her own decisions. 


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