Remember the iconic slogan of the International Advertising Association?

Advertising: Your right to choose.

How about choosing not to believe them? Ads are are surely fun and entertaining. They make you sit up and take notice. But sometimes in the race to sell their products to a wise audience, they really lose the plot. And then what you get are hilarious exaggerations and inflated promises that will even make God go, “What the hell!”

Here are some products that have managed to entertain us but not really convince us:

1. Deodrants: Angels will fall

If you don’t take a shower, deos won’t work. And forget angels, even aunties won’t fall.

Source: adv-universe

2. Slimming Belts/Oils/Teas: Melt your tyres without lifting a finger

These guys talk as if losing weight were like cooking chicken.

Source: Weight Loss Food

3. English Learning CDs/Books: Speak fluent English like a phoren

Even after going to Engliss medium iscool, people get it wrong. Pray how is a book/CD better than your awesome English teacher?

Source: Gopix

4. Nazar Rakshak: Nothing bad will ever happen in your life


Source: yadsi

5. Height Increasing Capsules/Soles: Grow tall like a freak and find a great life companion

What’s this, Jack and the Beanstalk? And hey, Jack didn’t get no girl!

Source: Yes Grow Taller Info

6. Energy Drinks: You can fly and stay awake through Physics class

They keep you awake sure… feeling like a zombie! Zombies don’t fly.

Source: Nidsun

7. Whitening Toothpaste: Better whiteness than Tide in 7 days

Doesn’t work. Getting your teeth whitewashed during Diwali is a better option.

Source: Joshua Josh

8. Fairness Creams/Face Wash: Changes your genetics in 2 weeks

And that friends, is what you call a ‘white lie.’

Source: Makeup and Beauty

9. Beauty Soaps: Become a Bollywood actress after taking a bath

Beauty is skin deep. So if I eat soap, will that give me inner beauty?

Source: India Opines

10. Bathroom fittings: Your bathroom makes you more drunk than 4 bottle vodka

For God’s sake, they’re just bathroom fittings. And what’s with all the water wastage!

Source: Jaquar

So what if the products don’t deliver. At least the hilariously exaggerated promises are worth a laugh!