Elections in India are interesting. Politicians make big promises. At times they promise things that we can never imagine.

A candidate from the upcoming Tamil Nadu assembly elections has promised iPhone, ₹1 crore, a car worth ₹20 lakh, helicopter, a boat robot and a literal trip to the moon, among others in his election manifesto.

Thulam Saravanan is an independent candidate from the Madurai South constituency. 


Saravanam’s motive behind making these tall promises is to raise awareness among people who fall for freebies during elections. Speaking to News18, he said:

For the past 50 years, political parties have won elections by announcing welfare schemes. Their governments never served the people. To create awareness, I released a manifesto that is so outlandish that nobody in the world has ever done.
Tamil Mint

Other promises listed out in his manifesto include, a robot to reduce the workload of housewives, a boat for every family along with channels for boat rides, a 300-foot high artificial snow mountain to keep his constituency cool, a space research centre and a rocket launch pad.

The 33-year-old belongs to a poor family and had to take a loan to meet his election expenditure.

To further his aim, he has chosen ‘dustbin’ as his poll symbol. The message being, if you want to fall for promises that can never be met, you might as well throw your votes in a dustbin.

He may or may not win the elections but he has become successful in sending the message across. People are talking about him and his promises all over the internet.

Did you get the message?