While I take more than an hour to prepare something as simple as dal and chawal, this girl from Tamil Nadu created history by preparing 46 dishes under one hour. 


Yes, that’s right. On Tuesday, SN Lakshmi Sai Sri entered the UNICO Book of World Records for cooking 46 dishes in just 58 minutes. 

Just like most of us, SN Lakshmi turned to cooking as a hobby during the lockdown and seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. 

She developed interest in cooking over the past few months and her mother took on the responsibility of training her. During an interview with ANI, Sai Sri said: 

I have learned cooking from my mother. I am very happy that I have achieved this milestone.

All this while when Sai Sri was perfecting the art of cooking her father gave her a valuable suggestion. He told her to try and attempt setting a world record. 

Lakshmi’s father did some research and found out that Saanvi, a 10-year-old girl from Kerala made 30 dishes and so he wanted his daughter to break Saanvi’s record. And, she did!

People on social media were highly impressed with Sai Sri’s culinary skills. They also congratulated her for achieving this feat. 

Definitely need to take some tips from her.