Ever since the novel coronavirus started spreading rapidly in India, many people have been coming up with innovative ideas to spread awareness about the virus and the importance of wearing a mask. 

A restaurant named Temple City in Madurai, Tamil Nadu has earned fame for making parottas in the shape of protective masks. Don’t believe us? Check out this video. 

The restaurant has merged its love for parottas with COVID-19 awareness and their creativity has become an instant hit on the internet. 

S. Sathish, Temple City’s parotta master says that they replicated the design of a surgical mask using the traditional veechu parotta. He says:

We folded it in a particular way and crafted the handles. All the ingredients are the same. It was a success on our very first try. 

KL Kumar is the man who came with this awesome idea. Apparently, he conceptualised this item within a week.

Kumar says his aim is to make people realise the need and importance of wearing a mask in public places in order to reduce the spread of the infection. He further says:

Any and all awareness was important for the public right now. The number of active COVID-19 positive cases in Madurai district only stands second to the number of cases in Chennai among the districts in Tamil Nadu. 

Kumar also stated that with this, he hopes that people will become more cautious about taking proper precautions since he himself observed many people walking on the streets without a mask. 

Twitter is definitely amused with this innovation.

Hundreds of people have been calling Kumar and placing orders for these uniquely shaped parottas. Currently, two parottas or one set is priced at ₹50. 

Interested residents can either pick up their order from the restaurant branch in Mattuthavanai or they can order it through various food delivery apps.