America. The land of cheeseburgers, dreams and celebrations. 

When it comes to celebrating, the Americans don’t shy away! And the holiday season is a big deal, Thanksgiving being one of the festivals. Joey Tribbiani would agree. For one, he taught us to be grateful for food! 

Since, we’re talking about the things we’re grateful for, you have to check out this campaign by Tata Cliq that I came across. This Thanksgiving they are giving thanks to all those that inspire them, those who keep them going and those who have changed the world! 

I mean, aren’t we all grateful for Google? I finally know how to spell millennials. 

In a world of  business competition, this little thank you note made me think of just one thing – ‘I’m lovin it’  

And we agree. Thank you for shattering impossible to achieve body images and letting my ladies live and be real!

 No more queues to get movie tickets. Thank you. *sighs*

I’d like to chip in and say thank you for sending me boxes of happiness! 

Isn’t this just adorably heartwarming? And if you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to get on their InstagramFacebook and Twitter RN. 

Just like Tata Cliq, I’m sure you have a ton of people to be thankful for. So, don’t miss this chance get on their app and order something special this festive season for your people!