Road sense and road safety are terms that fly out of the window when we are actually driving. Mishaps and accidents can happen anytime in a country full of cars all around. 

But for one Goa resident, his Tata Nexon’s built came to his rescue despite the car suffering from a tragic accident.

An accident, involving a Tata Nexon SUV, was reported on the Mumbai-Goa Highway on Monday, February 17. 

Despite losing control and falling off the highway 15-ft below, the car kept the occupants safe as they escaped with just a few scratches.

The incident took place around 1:15 AM and as per the Raigad Police, the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Even the police officials were shocked after looking at the damaged vehicle in comparison to the injuries sustained by the occupants. 


With a perfect five-star safety rating for adult occupants and a three-star safety rating for children, the incident proves that Tata Motors is capable of producing cars that offer the highest safety standards.

After all, not many would’ve promised the safety of the family after the car suffered a terrible fall.