The Indian Army is soon likely to replace its most preferred Maruti Gypsy with Tata Safari Storme. Around 3,200 vehicles will initially be included in the fleet and it could increase 10-fold in the next few years, reports Economic Times.

Speaking to the newspaper, an official said, “The initial order is for 3,198 new SUVs but the total number is likely to go much beyond that. The army prefers a single model across its units and formations as it is easier on logistics.”

b’Source: Reuters’

There has been no official announcement made yet but the report says that during a competition held in 2013, Tata Safari Storme managed to outperform Mahindra’s Scorpio SUV by passing technical trials like going through high-altitude, snow-bound regions to deserts and marshy land.

If it is finalised, it will be the second major deal for Tata Motors this year after a Rs 1,300 crore deal signed in January to supply high-mobility military trucks to the army.