Tattoos, they can be so cool, so badass, and sometimes, such a bloody pain. Body art should rightly be considered and appreciated as a form of art just like any other, but ask any tattoo artist one piece of advice they’d give to prospective clients, and they’ll have this to say – No lovers’ names! Tattoos you regret can be lasered off, but that process is painful and expensive, so a lot of people just tattoo over their previous embarrassments, sometimes to interesting results.

Check out these brilliant tattoo cover ups.

Total blackout!


Pikachu on canvas!


Nobody likes Andy.


Damn girl! Back at it again with them anti-Nathan tattoos!


No idea what this was but I’m glad it’s been covered up.


Is Laura the one? We’ll never know.




Denise Richards covered her tattoo of ex-husband Charlie Sheen with a tiny fairy.


Johnny Depp changed his tattoo of ex Winona Ryder to ‘Wino Forever’. Nice.


This superb cover-up of what was once a weird tribal tattoo disaster.



So happy he got this done.


That’s one amazing elephant-seahorse thingy!


Dino-ing like a sir!


No love lost for Jenny!


Who wants a heart when you can have the sea?


That’s one way to forget about your ex girlfriend Lauren!

Source: Oddee


Legend says this ex girlfriend dined on the souls of the living.


   Covering up a different kind of crime!