Food shortage around the world is a problem bigger than what most of us would like to think. India has the largest population of hungry in the world at a time. On one hand, we have people leading lavish lifestyles with all-you-can-eat buffets and on the other hand, we have people who have to toil hard to eat twice a day. This post by Sahiba Singh about a board at TCS’ Food Court caught our attention.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) has come up with a brilliant initiative to put a stop to the wastage of food that used to take place in their office food court.

 With the growing trend of malls and food-outlets, most of the urban Indian population doesn’t think twice before casually throwing away the perfectly edible food item. Haven’t we seen our friends throw away that extra burger because they were full then? That one burger could have been used to feed someone in need.

This initiative is seen at a lot of other offices as well but can we please not turn this into “hurr durr we already do it” argument and finally work together to put an end to food shortage in India. 

Let this be the movement that feeds empty stomachs and not egos.