Every time PM Modi appeared on television since March 2020, whether to announce the lockdown or to extend it further, or to extend it more, he has given us something to talk about.

And this has nothing to do with the nation, COVID or lockdown. Because it’s his beard that has gained everyone’s attention.

We can draw proper flowcharts representing his beard’s growth. But let’s keep that for some other time, who knows we might not even need that.

Because, a tea vendor from Maharashtra has sent a money order of ₹100 to PM Narendra Modi asking him to get his beard shaved.

According to local media that reported the news, vendor Anil More, was upset over a decline in employment opportunities in India. In his message to the PM, he said:

PM Modi has grown his beard. If he should increase something, it must be employment opportunities for the people of this country. Attempts must be made to accelerate vaccination for the population and there must be efforts to step up the existing medical facilities. The PM must make sure people are rid of their miseries that are caused by the last two lockdowns.

In a letter along with the money order, More has also written that he respects Modi as he is the leader but he wants to draw his attention to the problems people are facing amid the coronavirus lockdown.

How could people not talk about it on Twitter? They did.

More also urged PM Modi to extend financial assistance of ₹5 lakh to families of those who have had a Covid death and ₹30000 for families hit by the lockdown.